Virtual Sensors

See the invisible

Make your bioprocess smarter. With virtual sensors you can get deeper insights into your process and unlock the full potential of your data!

Why virtual sensors?

Expand your process knowledge

Our hybrid models can help you monitor crucial process parameters. Spot formerly hidden trends in your data and predict important events before they happen.

Monitor crucial process parameters 24/7

Off-line analytics is time-consuming and hinders process control in real-time. With virtual sensors, you gain insights day and night - what more could you want?

Decrease process & development times

Less manual probing, more non-invasive online measuring! Speed up development and production by faster measurements and easily accessible process knowledge.

Virtual sensors - See the invisible

Why store your process data in Excel graveyards when you can put them to use? With our technology, you can incorporate biotechnological experience in hybrid models.

Automate your process

The extension of measurable parameters in your process means more control. Enable continuous control strategies with the power of virtual sensors.

Self-improving analytics

With every process you run and every experiment you perform, our hybrid models get smarter. Unlock the potential of your measurements and make the most of your data!

Meet your goals

Discover new tools to control critical process quality attributes and improve stability. But be warned: With great accuracy comes great responsibility!

Experts in Bioprocessing and Data Analytics

Every bioprocess is unique in it's own way. With us, you have a partner on your side that can deliver a fitting model for every occasion.